Wildlife Sanctuary Excursion

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

The excursion to the Wildlife Park was on a lovely sunny day, we had 6 club members turn up with another 2 later in the day.

Everyone took a lot of photos and with it only being a gold coin donation, it was good value. Some of the photos have turned up on our club website. Very popular was the Eagle and the 'show off' Peacock who wanted to impress with his beautiful plumage.

At the end of it all we all had a cup of tea and a sausage sanger from the canteen. The staff were friendly and keen to show us the snakes and other lizards in the grassed areas.

See you next Saturday at the Torbanlea Barrel and Horse races with Sunday taken up with the Ocean Boat races.

Article: Warren Thomson

Images: Warren Thomson and Krystal Cardiff

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