"POST PROCESSING SOFTWARE" Presented by: Sandra Boles & Susie Thompson

Susie and Sandra had the pleasure of showing what software is available and what programs they find useful when editing their photos.

Susie presented the basics of Photoshop Elements, DxO and NikSoftware and edited one of her images that was overexposed to show what details can be brought back into an image .

Sandra demonstrated selecting, refining edge and blend modes and also masking that can be used when applying to get a more creative image. She showed the ease of using the free plug-in ‘Flood’. It’s such a creative effect and so simple to use. She also covered software programs such as: Photoshop CC, Topaze and Adobe Camera Raw.

All of these programs have a free 30 day trial, so why not give it a go and have a play with some of your images. These plug-ins are also free...

Here’s the link to ‘Flood’ plug-in

And the link to ‘NikSoftware’

These four images show the different stages of processing that I’ve used in DxO, Nik Software and Photoshop Elements. I usually don’t alter my images this drastically nor use all of the software programs in the one image that I have available to me. I just thought it was a good example of how an overexposed image can be created to implicate the scene that I saw through the viewfinder and to show you how powerful these different applications are to bring your photos to life!

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