CAMPFIRE SHOOT Violet's residence

Club members enjoyed an entertaining evening at the campfire shoot Prac Night held at Violet and Lionel Whitaker's property on Saturday 16th June. It was a crisp, clear night with a waning moon and lots of starlight. Our campfire was well-prepared by Lionel and we had drovers, hunters and jillaroos and their Border Collies working as models. Peter was our camp cook for the night and plated up sizzling sausages on fresh bread with fried onion. This was followed by ice-cream and fruit for dessert and many of us enjoyed a glass or two of red wine! The finale to a great evening was when the boys applied a blower to the coals and really got some sparks flying! Thank you everyone for coming and sharing lots of laughs and photography skills.

Article by: Violet Whitaker

Images taken by: John Abbott, Violet Whitaker and Leanne Griffiths

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