Our annual awards competition is held in November and images are adjudicated by a panel of three invited judges. The "Printed and Projected Images of the Year Competition" allows members to enter up to three Projected Images, three Colour Prints and three Monochrome Prints where first, second and third places are awarded. It is not necessary for these images to have received an award earlier in the year but must have been entered in a competition in the current year.

The annual "Barrie Thomas - Print of the Year" trophy will also be awarded at this time.

“Annual Point Score Awards Competition” All points awarded in the Monthly Competitions of that year accrue towards this competition. First, Second and Third place awards in each grade are presented at an end-of- year function. 

Annual Awards Competition 2019​

Judges: Alistair Brightman, Ian Weatherley, Ken Chapman 



Alan Bellinger - Sunrise Over Lake

COLOUR PRINT - FIRST Alan Bellinger Sunrise Over Lake

Leanne Kalwig - Full Moon Rising

COLOUR PRINT - SECOND Leanne Kalwig Full Moon Rising

Leanne Kalwig - Sunset Pier

COLOUR PRINT - THIRD Leanne Kalwig Sunset Pier

MONO PRINT - FIRST Leanne Griffiths Ferris Wheel

HBPC-Logo no background

MONO PRINT - SECOND Graeme World Jetty Lights

Susie Thompson - Magic Latern - Jessie

PROJECTED IMAGE - FIRST Jessie Wein Magic Lantern

MONO PRINT - THIRD Alan Bellinger Lovely Granddaughter

Leanne Kalwig - 9-B-O Tailights

PROJECTED IMAGE - SECOND Leanne Kalwig Taillights

Jess Hultgren - 12-B-Jose' Water Feature

PROJECTED IMAGE - THIRD Jess Hultgren Jose' Water Feature


HBPC-Logo no background

COLOUR PRINT - FIRST Krystal Cardiff Ladybug Love

Janelle  Hultgren - Natures Pearls

COLOUR PRINT - SECOND Janelle Hultgren Natures Pearls

Janelle  Hultgren - Eye On You

COLOUR PRINT - THIRD Janelle Hultgren Eye On You

Janelle  Hultgren - Hello Good Lookin

MONO PRINT - FIRST Janelle Hultgren Hello Good Lookin

Logo for H & M

MONO PRINT - SECOND Krystal Cardiff Finches In Fence

Krystal Cardiff - 38-M-O-INSY WINSY

PROJECTED IMAGE - FIRST Krystal Cardiff Insy Winsy

Janelle  Hultgren - New Love

MONO PRINT - THIRD Janelle Hultgren New Love

Janelle Hultgren - 34-M-Book of Love

PROJECTED IMAGE - SECOND Janelle Hultgren Book Of Love

Krystal Cardiff - 38-M-S-PEEKABOO NED

PROJECTED IMAGE - THIRD Krystal Cardiff Peek-a-boo Ned


Don Binkins - Jumping Spider

COLOUR PRINT - FIRST Don Binkins Jumping Spider

Susie Thompson - BuzzingRed

COLOUR PRINT - SECOND Susie Thompson Buzzing Red

John Abbott - Under The Southern Cross

COLOUR PRINT - THIRD John Abbott Under The Southern Cross

Susie Thompson - A Book Of Wishes

MONO PRINT - FIRST Susie Thompson Book Of Wishes

Doug Hollaway - Run Away

MONO PRINT Doug Hollaway Runaway

John Abbott - Peter In Low Key

MONO PRINT - THIRD John Abbott Peter In Low Key

don B - 17-A-O-Fly 3


Don Binkins - 17-A-set-neon blue wasp

PROJECTED IMAGE - SECOND Don Binkins Neon Blue Wasp

Doug Hollaway - Burrum Aftermath

PROJECTED IMAGE Doug Hollaway Burrum Aftermath

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