On the fourth Wednesday of each month, the club holds a competition night where a PSQ accredited judge from another club will critique each photo within the separate grades. (C Grade, B Grade and A Grade.) The medium for the images being judged alter from month to month: Prints or Projected Images (PI's which means a digital image only).
PRINTS are exhibited on the night of judging and critiqued immediately by an accredited judge.
PROJECTED IMAGES which means they are digital only, are uploaded to a Dropbox folder and are judged prior to competition night by an accredited judge.
The Projected Image judges' written critique is delivered on the meeting night by a Committee member with a slideshow of the images being projected onto a screen.
There are different categories for each competition night.
Set Subject and Open categories are available for both Print and PI nights with an addition of a Mono category for the Print competition only and Composite subjects are included in the Open competition.