The early beginnings​

We are a relatively new club, having been established in April/May 2005. Our founding members were Bruce Butler, Kirsty Butler, Pam Thomas and Barrie Thomas and their initial planning was done in the Thomas' sitting room.

For years meeting were held at Tavistock Hall, Torbay Village and many of the first members were residents of the Village. The club members would vote for the best images on the night and the original prints shown were small images. However since then, the club has grown in leaps and bounds graduating to large mounted prints and projected image of all genres.

Our Mission Statement is:

"To foster and develop members' interest in photography and photographic processes".

Our current membership

Our club has seen growth in the past years and is now averaging 30-40 members with all levels of experience behind the lens. We have beginners with small "point and shoot" cameras and members who have achieved photographic Honours such as LAPS, AAPS, MAPS and PSQA and some of our members are accredited judges. As you can see we are a well rounded club of levels and all ages,  so if you are just starting out and wanting to learn a bit more about photography I'm sure you'll find many helpful, friendly faces who would be keen to lend some support. If you are thinking about joining we welcome you to attend any 3 meetings to get a feel of what we do and who we are, before committing to membership. this allows you an opportunity to view a display of Digital Projected Images or Prints and to hear critiques made by the judge. That Judge may then give awards to competent images issuing them with an Honour (10 points) or a Merit (6 points). Thes points then accumulate for Grade placement and Annual Awards.

We have 3 grades for members to submit their images for club competitions, A Grade, Intermediate (B Grade) and C Grade (for beginners or new members). Experienced new members can submit a small portfolio of their images if they would like to be placed in a higher grade. The committee with then consider which grade would be the most suitable for them to contribue in.

The 2nd Wednesday of each month is our print night which has the categories of Open Subject, Set Subject and Monochrome Open Subject (black and white usually, but can be any one colour, eg toned all over with sepia). You can submit a maximum of 6 images for this comp with no more than 2 being for each category. You can either print your photos yourself at home or use photo labs such as Officeworks, Big W or Harvey Norman. The 4th Wednesday of each alternative month is our Projected Images Competition night, which has the categories of Open Subject, Set Subject. You can submit a maximum of 4 images for this comp with no more than 2 being for each category

Digital Images are sent to a Dropbox account which is maintained by Leanne Kalwig, our Image Co-ordinator by the last day of the month preceding. This gives enough time for these images to be organised for our distance judge to critique the images submitted. 

For more information about file size etc, please refer to our club rules. If extra assistance is needed don't hesitate to contact one of our committee members - who are they?? Just check out under the Home Tab > Committee Members. Set Subjects with definitions can also be found under the Monthly Comp Images Tab > Rules.

You can follow us (Hervey Bay Photography Club Inc.) on our Facebook page or once you have club membership you can join the private Facebook members group. (you will need administration authorisation to be admitted to the group).

We are affiliated with the Photographic Society of Queensland (PSQ), and as a club we submit members' images into their competitions and with other regional clubs when they hold their annual Interclub Competitions. Other Club days to write in the calendar are our Annual Weekend Away, Outdoor Prac Shoots and our annual Photographic Safari with Tin Can Bay. These dates get confirmed as the year progresses and of course don't forget the end of year Christmas Party and Presentations.

Our Annual Fees (due in July) are $50/person with a collection at the door each night of $2 which helps to contribute to the hiring of the hall and for supper. We also have raffles with heaps of goodies on offer at the door, so support the club, as you might have 'Lady Luck" on your side. 

The Committee members are  happy to discuss any queries you may have either personally, by phone or email. We'd love for you to enjoy and see what our photography club has to offer.


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