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Resource Categories
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External competitions
External competitions of which the club is aware which provide the opportunity for members to compete against photographers who are not members of our club with the prospect of achieving significant photographic recognition.
Fraser Coast Community
Organisations that serve the community in a very worthwhile manner on the Fraser Coast
Videos and documents explaining how to do ...
Legals of photography
What you can and can't do legally as a photographer in Australia
Online galleries of competition-winning images
Galleries of images that have performed well in major international competitions
Photography software worth the price
Photography software, for any platform, that is good enough to be well worth the asking price
Umbrella photography organisations
Websites of umbrella photography organisations, such as the Australian Photographic Society
Useful data tables
Eg, Depth of Field and Angle of View tables, and trigonometry tables...
Useful free software
Links to free downloadable software and online software which you may find useful
Websites of renowned photographers
Websites of photographers who have achieved significant international recognition.
Websites useful for forthcoming club competitions
Websites that help you understand how to make the images required for set topics in forthcoming (or past) club competitions.
Link to the RGB photographic printing download for you to send your images fro printing

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